and how we will worship together

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York are calling for Church of England churches to become a “different sort of church” as we have faced the challenge of coronavirus.

Coronavirus covid-19

Church buildings are open again for public worship

As well as producing online worship we are meeting at 10am every Wednesday and Sunday in our church building. There are plenty of safety measures in place which might make it feel a bit strange for you. If you are intending to attend then please read this first.

Keep us, good Lord,
under the shadow of your mercy.
Sustain and support the anxious,
be with those who care for the sick,
and lift up all who are brought low;
that we may find comfort
knowing that nothing can separate us from your love
in Christ Jesus our Lord

please join us for worship from home

While the vicar is away...

Our last vicar, Reverend Ali, has moved on a to another post and so we are looking for a new one.

In the meantime we will be being looked after on Sunday mornings by different priests from around the area so our services will continue at 10am every Sunday.

During lockdown in 2020 a lot of our services were posted online and these can be found below.

Christmas day

Phew! What a year it has been! In this service we celebrate the light that is breaking in to our darkness.

Oh, and there's a quiz so have a pen and paper ready...

Happy Christmas!!!!!

christmas eve carol service

Though we can't sing together in church we can sing together wherever we are as we reflect on the light that is coming into the world.

There are many faces and voices from across both parishes...

Happy Christmas!!!!

an advent reflection: journey

The third in a series of three reflections.

An Advent Reflection: Accepting

The second in a series of three reflections.

An advent reflection: waiting

The first in a series of three reflections.

Advent 4; december 20th

This week in advent traditionally we remember Mary. No, that's not why there is sometimes a pink candle...that one is for Gaudete Sunday, the third one. We've done that already! Anyway, today we remember Mary and her faithfulness to the call of God.

Ali leads us to reflect on Luke 1; 26-38 and it's well worth a listen.

advent 3, december 13th

In this service Ali runs back and forth to St Paul's and shows us the amazing crib scene there as Joseph and Mary await the birth of Jesus.

Meanwhile back at Rev HQ Clive speaks from Isaiah 61; 1-4, 8-11 and challenges us to balance thankfulness with expectation.

And the Advent memory song has leapt to a whole new level this week...

advent 2, December 6th

As we continue through the journey of Advent we are joined this week by Bishop John who talks us through Isaiah 40; 1-11 and Mark 1; 1-8

And Clive is staffing the sofa alone this week...

Advent Sunday, November 29th

As we enter a season of watching and waiting, of preparing for what is to come, we remember our ancestors in the faith, the patriarchs, we think about the state of our nation and how things might play out for Christmas this year, and we look to the coming of Jesus in glory when all things are put right under his mighty reign.

Clive speaks to us from Mark 13; 24-37 and blesses bread and wine that we may share in the Communion of Christ.

Christ the king, 22nd november

Strange as it may seem, this is the last Sunday of the church year and it is traditional to turn our thoughts to the end of time when all things come to their perfect end under the just an awesome rule of God, what we call the Kingdom of God.

And Jesus is the king. As we sit in lockdown observing the shenanigans of those who are set up as kings in this world, our national and international leaders, we could really do with living as subjects of the true king so that we are prepared for when we meet him face to face under his righteous judgement. Ali speaks to us about what that life might look like as she reflects on Matthew 25; 31-46

Second before advent, november 15th

This week we are down at St Anne's in the parish of Coventry All Saints for a think about how God might bestow gifts upon us.

Clive speaks about the Parable of the Talents from Matthew 25; 14-30 and we celebrate Communion together.

Remembrance Sunday, November 8th

As we head into Lockdown 2 Revs Clive and Ali lead us in a poignant online service of remembering.

Ali speaks from Matthew 25; 1-12 and encourages us to "be prepared"...

All saints and all souls, november 1st

Bishop Christopher joins us with words of encouragement as we take a moment to light a candle in memory of those whom we love.

Bible sunday, october 25th

It's the last Sunday before All Saints Day and you know what that's Bible Sunday! Usually both Ali and Clive like to bring a big pile of Bibles to the worship service and to invite people to have a look at the variety of them. But not so this year in Tier 2 lockdown.

The service is recorded at St Paul's and includes Ali celebrating Communion as well as Clive speaking from Colossians 3, 12-17.

luke the evangelist, october 18th

How much do we actually know about the people who brought us the four biographies of Jesus? Well, in the case of Luke, whose feast day it is today, it turns out that we know quite a lot.

In this week's service we reflect on what it means to be called by God, to have a vocation, and Clive speaks from Luke 10, 1-12.

18th sunday after trinity, october 11th

As we gather to worship we pause to reflect on World Mental Health Day and how that might impact our involvement in church life.

Ali preaches from Matthew 22; 1-14 and encourages us to respond to God's invitation...

17th Sunday after trinity, october 4th

What does it mean to say we believe in God? And if we say it, do we really mean it? As we think about our own walk of faith we may reflect on how far we have come to believe, to behave and to belong. And how has Covid changed any of that?

In this service Clive brings us a strong word from Philippians 3; 4b-14 and challenges our sense of piety that is derived from church membership, calling us back to a Christ-centred life.

It's tough.

But it's worth it.

breathe, september 27th

In this week's service we take time out from our usual routines and just breathe.

We are joined by an American Pastor, Rob Bell, who speaks to us about the breath of God.

harvest service, september 20th

Harvest is a time when we traditionally give thanks for God's provision of food to us.

This year things are all a little different, so for this hybrid harvest we shall be giving thanks for whatever God has provided for us during the time of lockdown, ably led by a small team from the parish of Coventry All Saints.

september 13th

In this week's awesome service we give God glory as we gather once more with the people of Coventry All Saints, St Paul's Foleshill and beyond.

This week we think about the heme of forgiveness and Ali reflects on Matthew 18; 21-35.

September 6th

We're back! After our wonderful summer series of services and sermons we are fully back with Clive and Ali as we engage once more with our mixed mode of worship; on-line, at home, in a church building, on our phone or favourite device and all topped off with the opportunity to receive Communion.

This week we think about dealing with differences of opinion or behaviour and how that affects our unity.

Clive preaches from Matthew 18, 15-20.

summer soaring episode five: 30th august

In the last of our series in collaboration with the wider Diocese of Coventry we are encouraged to "take heart" by Archdeacon Barry.

We are also ably assisted by the choir from Coventry Cathedral and someone from somewhere (but we don't know quite who or from whereabouts in the diocese) singing a great song about God's love always being with us.

summer soaring episode four: 23rd August

In the fourth of our summer series of hybrid worship services our Bishop, Christopher, brings us a message of encouragement as he talks us through Isaiah 51; 1-6 and Matthew 16; 13-20.

We also have some assistance in our worship from the choir of Holy Trinity Stratford and from the music group at All Saints Allesley.

Summer soaring episode three, 16th august

The third in our series of hybrid worship and the third in our series in partnership with the wider Diocese of Coventry.

This week we are joined by The Reverend Simon Betteridge from University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust who helps us to think about building hope in the context of Covid-19 while reflecting on Luke 8: 40-56

summer soaring episode two, august 9th

This morning The Very Reverend John Witcombe, Dean of Coventry, joins us to help us think about "Embracing Change".

This is part of our "hybrid worship" which can be accessed at home or in the church building.

Summer soaring episode one, august 2nd

Throughout August we are joining forces with people across the Diocese of Coventry to bring you worship.

This week Archdeacon Sue brings us a message about sabbath rest.

trinity 7, july 26th

This week we are hosted by Liz from Coventry All Saints who invites us to think through some of the kingdom parables in Matthew's gospel. Jesus seems to be saying that the kingdom of God is like some pretty unremarkable things....but is he? Despite Clive and Ali being away this week they still both make an appearance through the wonders of modern technology.

Trinity 6, July 19th

Bishop Christopher leads us this morning as Clive and Ali take a break with their family. He'll be encouraging us to think about our dreams. What do you dream about?

Trinity 5, July 12th

Given that the Parable of the Sower is followed by an explanation about the Parable of the Sower, have you ever wondered what the Parable of the Sower might actually be about? Wonder no more...this week's visit to the sofa will have you thinking clearly!

trinity 4, july 5th

What on earth is an easy yoke? Where can I get myself one? Join the Revs on the sofa of worship as they explore Jesus's words in Matthew 11.

lockdown praise episode ten

It's the final episode in our series of Lockdown Praise as we contemplate newer (and maybe even better) things in days to come...

trinity 3, june 28th

As we worship from the sofa once again the 2Revs lead us into thinking about what it means to be Christ's representative on earth. Are you up for the job?

lockdown praise episode nine

Join us on the sofa as we share requests from across the parishes. How great is our God!

trinity 2, june 21st

In this morning's visit to the vicarage sofa we focus on the cost of discipleship. The service is much more C of E in flavour than of late, and Ali is on fire with her preaching.

Don't forget to join us for Lockdown Praise afterwards...

lockdown praise episode eight

Praising God no matter what comes...once again a wonderful variety of worship songs from across the ages.

trinity 1, june 14th

The Revs are back with joint worship from the vicarage sofa, praising God and encouraging the people of Coventry All Saints and St Paul's Foleshill. But first they tackle the thorny issue of whether or not to open the church buildings for private prayer...what do you think should happen?

lockdown praise episode seven

Some wonderful and varied requests and a reflection on where we might be heading. And if you enjoy this, why not revisit the earlier episodes?

trinity sunday, 7th june

In this ambitious and far reaching service we engage with racism in the US and closer to home and the Black Lives Matter movement, we encourage participation in a new prayer initiative across Coventry called Open Heaven, and we reflect on the importance of knowing the one true God as both three and one. And if that wasn't enough we also invite our younger members to devise some actions for The Lord's Prayer.

2020 spirit vision

Join our '2020 Spirit Vision' service on the Day of Pentecost! Participants from across the Diocese of Coventry come together virtually to celebrate God's gift of his Holy Spirit, poured out on the followers of Jesus for their transformation and the blessing of his world.

pentecost 2020

The Revs are having a week off from the sofa but have put together some Spirit-filled worship to prepare us for the 2020 Spirit Vision service that we will all be participating in on Sunday 31st May at 6pm. In fact, Bishop Christopher even pops along during our worship to issue a personal invitation...

lockdown praise episode six

Some fantastic requests, including a performance by identical quadruplets and a cover of a Stormzy classic.

the seventh sunday of easter

The Sunday between Ascension and Pentecost. We think about our stewardship even as we engage with Thy Kingdom Come.

ascension day

We launch the (inter)national Thy Kingdom Come initiative in the parish.

lockdown praise episode five

Mare varied requests from our parishioners

the sixth sunday of easter

This week we reflect on John 14; 15-21 and whether or not Lockdown has changed.

lockdown praise episode four

Great requests and an awesome God!

the fifth sunday of easter, may 10th, all age service

Informal worship for all ages on the theme of being a hero

Lockdown Praise episode three

More songs, more variety, and this week more local involvement

The Fourth Sunday of Easter, May 3rd

We reflect on what it means to celebrate during lockdown and explore Acts 2; 42-47

Lockdown Praise episode two

More Songs of Praise requests, perfect for a sing-along

The third sunday of easter, april 26th

We think further about what it is to "be church" and to follow Jesus. And some of the worship is in Punjabi

Lockdown praise episode one

Songs of Praise-style request show featuring some cracking hymns

The Second Sunday of Easter, April 19th

So called "Low Sunday" when the vicar has a lie-in...only this year we have two leading our service!

easter sunday evening prayer for the diocese of coventry

Join with the people of Coventry and Warwickshire in this special service of Evening Prayer

easter sunday celebration

A joy-filled celebration service as we remember that He is risen! There are special guests, too.

good friday: stations of the cross

A traditional meditation in fourteen parts using the set of stations from All Saints St Anne

Maundy Thursday Agape meal

Join us for a shared meal: if you want to participate please have a simple meal prepared, some bread and wine (or substitutes), a candle and a cross.

meditations for holy week

A short series of meditations for Holy Week

april 5th palm sunday evening prayer for the whole diocese

Our local vicars go regional as they lead us in evening prayer

April 5th palm sunday morning worship

Ali and Clive lead us in worship using our resource booklet


Follow along this service of Evening Prayer using this.


Clive and Ali lead us in an update on how they are and on into Spiritual Communion, found in our resource section


A service of Holy Communion as we reflect together on what it means to be in control of our own lives.


This was our first ever attempt at online worship. we did it in partnership with Coventry All Saints (our vicar Ali is married to their vicar Clive) and we used our service booklet that you can find here.

some other useful worship and prayer resources

Daily Prayer from the Church of England can be found here. It is also available on Apple and Android.

Worship resources produced in response to Coronavirus by the Church of England can be found here.

Pray as you go provides daily audio reflections and some other prayer series. It is also available as an app for your Apple or Android phone.

Lectio365 provides a daily audio reflection from 24-7 Prayer for prayer on the move.

Hope Coventry have provided all sorts of information here.

We have produced a worship booklet for use at home available here.

A simple service of "Spiritual Communion" can be found here.

Bishop Christopher, Bishop of Coventry, shares some thoughts about Communion in the run up to Easter

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